Thursday, May 24, 2007

Mileage Report: 5.24.07

Miles: 6.83
Type: Crazy Busy-Ass Rush Hour Street
Time: 54 (+/-)
Avg Mile: 7:54 (+/-)
Calories Burned: 930

I wanted to make up for my lack of a long run yesterday, but I'm not sure I did it. I ran from my house to my older children's school. This was entriely along major streets during rush hour. Which added an element of excitement that only crossing the street in the blind spot of GED-failed city bus driver can deliver.

Outside of sucking in huge gasping lung-fulls of vehicular excrement, I got to experience the joy that is Austin during the summer. Now, some of you scienticians out there may want to point out that it is still spring. Spring is a vestigal season. We get about three weeks of it now and then five months of summer. So, here in Austin, the Summer is dominated by humidity. Running through humidity is like trying to breath through cheesecloth. Now, despite the fact that I am from the desert (Phoenix, AZ) I have never managed to adjust to heat. Once the temperature, real or imaginary, rises above 82 degrees, I'm out. Today was rough.

But I made it and the day is young. And that always feels good.

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