Saturday, May 12, 2007

Mileage Report: 5.12.07

I work in the morning today. Usually I get my run done in the morning. For a couple reasons: 1.) The heat seeking nuclear mosquitos haven't yet got their reactors spinning 2.) The humidity is bearable being no worse than wading at a high rate through a swamp 3.) Nobody can see me because in my neighborhood, people sleep it off until at least noon 4.) I haven't gone to work and lifted heavy shit for eight hours.

But, I'm going to work this morning. So I will do my run after work. I want to do a short run with speed. So my plan, at the moment, is a simple 5k. I'd like to see if I can break the 20min mark, but given that when I get home, the weather is expected to be ninety degrees and 90% humidity, if I can simply complete a 5k without the fire department involved will be an accomplishment.

As a side note, if, somehow, the place where I work ceased to exist before I got there today, that would be okay. I work for a Young Earth Creationist. It wouldn't be so bad if he just raptured on away.

Miles: 3.1 (5K)
Time:20:07 (Damn)
Average Mile: 6:27
MPH: 9.31
Calories Burned: 431

Well, I didn't get a sub 20. As way of concilliation, this was my first try for time. I think I can get this with in a month. I'm going to go for a walk now to round out my miles for the day. Tack on an additional 2.58 miles. I was wrong about work. I work later.

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