Saturday, May 19, 2007

Mileage Report: 5.19.07

Miles: 5.85
Type: Street/Hills
Time: 48min (guess)
Avg Mile: 8:12
Calories Burned: 770

I did the same hill routine I did last week only I tacked on an additional hill. I'm certain I could have ran more but today - as I sift through my rolodex of excuses - I chose not to because it is my understanding that as you increase your weekly mileage, you aren't supposed to increase it by more than about 10%. This week will easily be more than 10% longer than last. Both in miles and daily accumulated misery. But that's for other reasons.

So the routine was fine.

This Monday I will be restarting my weight training after a prescribed week off. I take a week off every eight weeks to allow the injuries to heal just enought that when I reaggravate them, they will become inflamed and deformed and leave me with permanent, life-long maladies.

A week from today my pool opens so I will be adding a thrice weekly swim to the mix. And If I can ever summon the patience to get my bike working, I'll be using that to get to and from work.

And then I'll be a man. Or hit by a car. One or the other.

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