Sunday, May 20, 2007

Goals of The Struggle/ Mileage Report 5.20.07

Miles: 4.75
Type: Street
Time: 37min
Avg Mile: 7:45
Calories Burned: 640

Wow. This run sucked. It was a struggle the whole way. It really should have been longer, but (excuse time) the train was coming, so I didn't cross the tracks and die, choosing instead to tack on some extra mileage somewhere else along the path. It wasn't enough. Oh well.

The reason this run was such a difficult one is this: I got my college transcripts.

I have several personal goals: (in no, particular order)

1.) Permanently tame my weight. I've made some distance in this. I used to weigh 275lbs. Now I weigh 169. Sounds good, but at one point I was down to 155. So we can see weight is still an issue. I am actively working to reduce my weight again.

2.) Actual athletesism. This goal is a bit finicky. I want to reach a level that can be called "athletic." How does one determine that? Don't know. I think it probably has to be leveled on you by someone on the outside. So I work towards this through body transformation (the shifting of body composition towards more lean mass and less fat), physical fitness (sub 20 5ks, marathon distance long runs, a triathalon) and overall mental attitude.

3.) I will get a degree. This is a big one. I have been to no less than four (4) different colleges and universities across two states. I have completed over 140 credit hours. I have been an english major, psychology major, computer science major, and now, a biology major. I clearly, one way or the other, have a problem with school.

Perhaps it is that I had a child at eighteen. Followed by another. Perhaps trying to afford a home, a family, and all that comes with it makes school difficult. Perhaps it is because my chosen occupation, programming, underwent a radical shift leaving me unemployed for over a year. Perhaps I just suck. Don't know.

But now I am going for the final push. I'm applying to my last college, the one that I am going to make it through or give up entirely and retire to a life of a stock boy. I have received my college transcripts. And they are baaaad.

So i am down.

Oh well.

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