Friday, January 2, 2009

On Facebook Advertising

So, facebook is supposed to be pretty good at datamining your comments, and likes and dislikes and all the stuff you reveal about yourself here and transforming it into laser-focused advertising. And this makes me wonder what exactly it is that I have revealed about myself that brings on the strange adds to the side.

First - It cycles through a collection of How To Meet Women and Desperate For A Date? Try a Hooker ads. Yes, I am single. But only recently so. My last relationship lasted ten years. I do okay on the relationship side. Have I revealed myself to be desperate? Outside of the tears I've shed and the wounds on my knees from the hours, days, nights of prayer to God to please, please, PLEASE, Jesus bring a woman, any woman - think these adds are unneeded.

Second - Grooming. This must be related to the getting girls adds, because facebook is convinced that I need to spend more time shaving my chest and working on the awesome infestation of clinical levels of acne that has become my face. I do not have acne and I am a man. I don't shave my chest. I go bear style.

Third - Austin Luxury Homes. Thanks for the compliment.

A lot of sites, but not this one, are also convinced I am in need of female attention, but for whatever reason they believe I am either Indian or muslim. I get a lot of links to Islamic and Indian women dating sites.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

The New Year

If I glance over this blog I notice that I get to posting about every six months or so. This must coincide with those moments of extreme boredom. I'd love to have a more regular thing going, but I am frankly not that interesting of a person. Or, at least, I don't recognize all the amazing and interesting things that occur to me through the course of a typical day. Either way, I don't post much. So when I get back ti this, there is this weird time-distortion affect where the person that last posted (which is me) is somebody entirely different than who I am now. This is probably neither good nor bad, but it is oddly disconcerting. For instance, two posts and six months ago, I list a series of goals. And for the most part, I have accomplished all of them. Not so much because I focused on them - I got involved in school and that took over all available neural pathways - but because my place in life has changed so dramatically. Back then I was married (ten year anniversary!), trying to convince myself to choose a degree and stick with it, and worried about such trivial things as my drinking. Now I am in the middle of a divorce, solidly involved in the computer science department at my university (I teach now), and alcohol free with such ease I wonder why I ever worried about it in the first place.

One of the most awesome, infuriating, freeing, chaotic facts of life is that no matter who you are or claim to be, you cannot predict what the future will be. lay all the plans you want, and in an instance it can all be wiped away and replaced with horrors/delights the nature of which you could never have predicted. While I think we can stack the odds one way or the other, and that "luck" is largely a side-affect of our approach to life, ultimately we are subject to the whims of the fates. Whatever those may be.

With that in mind, rather than present a list of goals, I would like to present a list of events and "things" I desires for myself in the future, should they come to pass, based on my limited understanding of life as it is based on the experiences I have collected so far.

1. I would like to graduate college within the next year and a half and enter some kind of employment situation both pleasurable and profitable. Yes, I understand this is as vague as any prediction made by any psychic, given the paths I've taken in life, it's shooting for the stars.

2. I would like to meet someone.

3. I would like to become involved in a project or research or "movement" of some sort where I can feel like a participant in something larger than myself and my limited scope of existence.

I don't know what else to add. I am taking 17 credits this next semester. The same amount I took last semester. And I am teaching. And while I am sure this will absorb a terrible amount of my time, I may still end up with the odd free moments. Given that half the week I have no wife or children, and given the odd way in which I approach studying, I may have very little to do. This could open the door for #3. Perhaps I could become an active participant in the skeptical movement, instead of the cheerleader I currently am.

Edit: #4 - I would like to go to The Amaz!ng Meeting 7 this year.