Friday, May 11, 2007

Boring Nonsense

Today is a weights day, but I won't be doing any lifting. Every eight weeks, I take a week off to allow what amounts to eight weeks worth of stress fractures and other slowly nurtured injuries to recover slightly before I reinforce them. This time I skipped the last two workouts of this cycle because my shoulder started squirting blood and crying out in pain if I so much as mentioned "military press."

So, to make up for this lack of wright training, I have been going on long walks. You may ask, how do these compare? They don't except that in my mind If I am not actively involved in some kind of activity everyday I will wake up the next day and be 300lbs again. So i take longisg walks.

By longish, I mean ten or more miles.

The local pool should be open soon. When that opens I will swim.


This is boring.

His thick, throbing pole of justice slid deep into her well oiled post-hole, and their union stood strong and hard, a symbol of this great and groaning nation.

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