Thursday, May 10, 2007

Mileage Report: 5.10.07

Trail Run.
6 miles
7:47 average mile
43 spider webs broken with face
17 actual spiders (unintentionally) eaten

It was about, maybe, shoot, 70 degrees this morning and 430% humidity. So a cool, dry day in Austin. I would guess I came back from the run weighing an additional 13 pounds from the sweat – not my own but the collective sweat of the college students secreting bodily fluids the night before on 6th street that hung in the Austin atmosphere over night waiting, with evil efluvian sentience, for the first idiot running in the morning, which was me – also, from the dew collected on the leaves of the rain forest trail I run in the morning.

Wildlife was relegated to the small and spooked. Lots of rabbits and squirrels.

I have not had a drink in two whole days. I will not weigh myself again until it has been a month. My most recent binge episode, which lasted the month of April, helped me balloon up 15lbs to my current weight of 170. This is bad. Because 170 is not sexy. It's not sleek, cat like. And I want to be sleek. Cat like. In the most heteroseual way possible, but failing that, anyway that comes off as sexy to anybody will do.

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