Thursday, May 17, 2007

Mileage Report: 5.17.07

Miles: 4.51
Type: Street
Time: I dunno
Avg Mile: Felt fast
Calories Burned: 550

I did what I would call my average run. A very typical, easy loop through my neighborhood. I'm going to have to increase the length of this loop. It's far too short. During the run today I knew - felt it on the inside - that I could tack on another couple of miles. Normally I would listen to this internal motivation, but today I sensed - felt it on the inside - that my bowels had woken right on up and I was now engaged with a race with the devil home. This happens periodically, and I know it is the result of some alien and evil sentience that has taken resident in my gut. This only ever occurs when I am at exactly the peak distance from home on a run.

I would classify today's run as short, but quality. I started at a mean pace and ended at a mean (if worried) pace.

I'll tack on some extra miles today with a long walk. Just to even it all out. My local pool opens, not this weekend, but next, so on my off days (which are also my lifting days) I'll start hitting up the pool. We'll see how that goes. I swim as well as a rock flies.

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