Friday, January 2, 2009

On Facebook Advertising

So, facebook is supposed to be pretty good at datamining your comments, and likes and dislikes and all the stuff you reveal about yourself here and transforming it into laser-focused advertising. And this makes me wonder what exactly it is that I have revealed about myself that brings on the strange adds to the side.

First - It cycles through a collection of How To Meet Women and Desperate For A Date? Try a Hooker ads. Yes, I am single. But only recently so. My last relationship lasted ten years. I do okay on the relationship side. Have I revealed myself to be desperate? Outside of the tears I've shed and the wounds on my knees from the hours, days, nights of prayer to God to please, please, PLEASE, Jesus bring a woman, any woman - think these adds are unneeded.

Second - Grooming. This must be related to the getting girls adds, because facebook is convinced that I need to spend more time shaving my chest and working on the awesome infestation of clinical levels of acne that has become my face. I do not have acne and I am a man. I don't shave my chest. I go bear style.

Third - Austin Luxury Homes. Thanks for the compliment.

A lot of sites, but not this one, are also convinced I am in need of female attention, but for whatever reason they believe I am either Indian or muslim. I get a lot of links to Islamic and Indian women dating sites.

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