Friday, June 22, 2007

The Day So Far

I found an old image of the computer of myself fifteen pounds ago. Wow. I really gained some fat. I did a little research and found out how much I was eating back then. I'm going to go back to that. My physical efforts - running, walking, and so forth - are far superior to what they were then. I can run faster, harder, and recover with ease. Today I did a hot (88 degrees and humid) 6.5 miler. That was great.

I've got a biology test on Monday. Long week. Tomorrow I have to get up at 5:00, run, drive accross the length of Austin to drop the babies off at my parent's house where my wife and I will split up so she can go and renew her CPR credentials and I can go to my biology class and then meet back at my parent'sand drive the length of Austin again and then drop off the wife a kids and go to work at a grocery store serving people I hate until 10:30 at night when I can drive home and sleep.

On Monday I have my biology test.

On Wednesday I have to drive from Austin to San Marcos to attend the new student orientation and take various tests and meet with advisors and sign up for my classes and so forth.

I will not focus on this. Right now, I will only focus on my Biology.

Yes. There is only biology. I do not hear the babies (who are bitcing and screaming) and I am not bothered at all by the two older children sitting on their increasingly fat asses staring at the vile and evil television, playing video games that I would desperately like to play but I can't because there is nothing but biology.

Nothing but biology.

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